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TTD: New Cutie Brand Development and Stuff!【カワイイブランドの新たな挑戦!】

Tiara by Tracy Dizon's New Design Sketch Book for more and growing ideas everyday!

I was just so excited to develop new things for TTD (Tiara by Tracy Dizon) for the past few months... Preparing for the "Tiara in Tokyo" business ventures in Mam AvantGarde (and hopefully more more stores!) It has been exciting to "level-up" in a way! I remember my Kamiseta days (Yes. I used to work for Kamiseta as one of their product-development officer) and I always have fun developing brand-tags for products... I just love branding development! I'm such a geek! I thought about revamping my business card and the print materials of TTD to have a fresh start... 
TTD (Tiara by Tracy Dizon)の新しい挑戦をここ数ヶ月の間に進めてきました。Mam AvantGarde でのTiara in Tokyoプロジェクトをはじめとする、様々な挑戦が、とても楽しくて仕方ありません (もっと他のお店ともコラボレーションできればイイな)!過去にKamisetaで、Product Development Manager として働いていたころ、ブランドタグやその他部ランディングに関わるあらゆる仕事が楽しくて仕方ありませんでした。きっと、私はブランドオタクなんだと思います。名刺や各種書類の様式も一新して、新たなスタートを再度切ることができたと思います!

My old calling card is a bit plain and nowadays there are soooo many SNS that needs to be mentioned on contact information... So I felt the need to have another one made!

My old business card~ simple email and mobile contact nowadays is not enough anymore!

It was so nice of Chichi to accommodate me, despite her busy schedule she was able to squeeze in working on my designs! I was so cluttered-brained brainstorming them altogether but it was fun! Now I almost have all the SNS out there in my business card! haha!

My NEW Business Card!

My favorite part is~ my super kawaii "Tête à Chapeau Twiggy"-inspired brand-tags!! OMG! I love that I have a story behind this...
中でも私のお気に入りは、*超**カワイイ**"*Tête* *à Chapeau***Twiggy"風ブ ランドタグです!*オー マイゴッド!好きすぎてたまらないことを示すストー リーがあります。。。

Tiara by Tracy Dizon's  "Tête à Chapeau Twiggy" Inspired Price Tags!

It's been YEARS since I've drooled over this "Twiggy Head" / "Blythe Head" Mannequin Head!! BTW, I found it's official name: "Tête à Chapeau Twiggy" I actually found them in Takeshita Dori every time I go to Tokyo for a trip!
ツイギーのヘッドマネキン / “Blythe Head” マネキンヘッド を探し続けてもう何年にもなります!最近、竹下通りでこのマネキンの正式名称が "Tête à Chapeau Twiggy" であることを見つけました。ちなみにですが、東京へ行く度に、竹下通りは必ず行っています!

東京 201110
I love them 'coz they're so reminiscent of my vintage nostalgic love for Twiggy and Blythe Doll... and also my own Fashion Illustrations! I even wanted this for my 30th Birthday last year... They're just the cutest Mannequin Heads ever!
ツイギーBlythe Dollに対する、私のビンテージ愛を思い起こさせてくれる彼らのことが大好きです。。。去年の30才の誕生日に、これらの招くんが欲しかったのです。。。本当にかわいすぎるマネキンヘッドです!

October 2011 ~ Stalking  "Tête à Chapeau Twiggy" in Daichuu Store in Takeshita Dori! 

I always wandered around Tokyo and seen them at store displays... I wanted to buy them but the shop staff told me it's NOT FOR SALE. >_< Sad life.

October 2011 ~ Stalking another "Tête à Chapeau Twiggy" at Spinns in Harajuku!

東京 20128
I'm constantly on the look-out for them! I found another one in Shimokitazawa last year at Village Vanguard!  But not for sale! HUHU!

August 2012 ~ Found another "Tête à Chapeau Twiggy" at Village Vanguard in Shimokitazawa!

東京  20135
On my last trip I was so determined to find them and take home at least one... OMG?!? I thought I will get myself a few this time... I even saw a price tag on some heads (Priced at 2,600 円...) But the shopgirl sadly told me it's not for sale anymore... HUWAAAAAAY!!

May 5, 2013 ~ I even dragged Kareshi (on our SECOND ANNIVERSARY!?) to help me find them in Daichuu Store at Takeshita Dori in Harajuku!! Ohhhhh can we just take them all home?! Why NOT FOR SALE?!?!
May 5, 2013 ~ Kawaii "Tête à Chapeau Twiggy" surrounded by kawaii pandas at Daichuu Store in Takeshita Dori! Come with me please I'll take you back home to Manila!!

渋谷 20135
I passed by another DAICHUU Store in Shibuya near Parco Part 1... Hoping against hope that may be they may have some stock available... I grabbed this "Tête à Chapeau Twiggy" Mannequin Head ready to pay! But it's NOT FOR SALE?!? HUWAAAAYYYYYY! >_<

May 6, 2013 ~ Daichuu, Shibuya, Tokyo ~ passed by another "Tête à Chapeau Twiggy" Why such a teaseeeeeee??!

And so I came back to Manila without a single "Tête à Chapeau Twiggy". *TEARS* But out of this strong desire came a fun and happy idea!! If I can't have it, I'll make it! LOL! So I asked Chichi's drawing expertise to incorporate "Tête à Chapeau Twiggy" in TTD's Branding Tags... Hehehe. Now I have her everywhere?! LOL!
結局、手に入れることのないまま、マニラに帰って来てしまいました。泣 でも、これでは終わりません。手に入らないのなら、作るまで!笑 Chichiにお願いして、"Tête à Chapeau Twiggy"をコンセプトにしたデザインをTTD (Tiara by Tracy Dizon)のブランドタグに描いてもらいました。笑 今となって、どこででもこのマネキンを眺めることができるのです!笑

Now Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Price Tags have "Tête à Chapeau Twiggy"! Hehe! 
Art and Lay-out by: Chichi Romero

Somehow I thought of having this "Paper-doll" idea where I could personalize each corresponding price tag. Haha! I'm like a child, I know, but paperdolls are still fun for me! Oh boy, I'm having fun even price tagging! LOL! Tiara by Tracy Dizon has a paper doll art on its price tags! Haha!
プライスタグなどを自由にカスタムできる紙人形のアイデアをずっと考えています!子供じみているように聞こえるかもしれませんが、子供の感覚を持ち合わせている私にとっては、とても楽しいものであること、間違いなしです。笑 Tiara by Tracy Dizonによる、紙人形プライスタグ、こうご期待!笑

So excited dressing-up each TTD Designs with these!! Paper Doll collectible! LOL!

It was exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time having my new TTD stuff printed! Haha! But I'm so happy to work on them to even make my Tiara Babies look prettier! 

Printing out TTD Stickers and Price Tags! I feel so accomplished!

I must say there are days that ideas won't just stop coming that it haunts me to sleep. I really have a bad sleeping problem because of over-thinking... So I decided to make a TTD Sketch Book for all the design ideas that pops into my head! So whenever an idea pops-up to my head I'm ready to list/draw them all and save them!

Tiara by Tracy Dizon's New Design Sketch Book for more and growing ideas everyday!

I'm really excited to launch everything soon! I've even developed this new packaging for my recent "Ice Cream Heads"! I love that I've found quirky Zebra Ribbon Laces to fit perfectly to my TTD Branding!
色々なことがスタートしようとしており、私は本当に楽しみで仕方ありません。”Ice Cream Heads”の箱も新たに作りました!TTDのブランドイメージにピッタリなゼブラ柄のレースリボンを見つけることができて、本当にラッキーです。

Packaging Development is always a fun part for me! I love developing TTD's packaging!
It's nice to see Tiara by Tracy Dizon (TTD) grow more and more! I love that I got to collaborate with the creative hands of Chichi and hopefully I get to work with more artists someday! Developing TTD is also like rearing a child that I feel like a proud momma that I get to buy "New Clothes" for my baby girl. Keep growing TTD! You always make me happy (and sometimes crazy) and a proud momma!
Tiara by Tracy Dizon(TTD)の成長を見ることは、私にとって、いつも幸せなことです。さらに、独創的なアイデアを常に持ち続けるChichiと一緒に仕事ができることも幸せなことです。いつの日か、更に多くのアーティストと一緒に仕事がしたいと思っています。TTDを発展させていくことは、私にとって、母親として、赤ちゃんに新しい服を買ってあげるようなものです。TTDはさらに成長し続け、それが私を幸せに、ときにはクレイジーに、そして気高き母親にしてくれるのです!

Gomen nasai, trying our best to reach Japanese readers as well! I hope the Japanese translation is okay! Haha!

Chichi Romero
Graphic Artist

Japanese Translation by: Takaomi Yoshimoto
Special Thanks to: Ashley Dy


  1. You're such a big fan of that mannequin head. I know you want it and wish there is somewhere you can get it. Maybe momo or someone in harajuku might know it.

    1. Yeah! You know how much I've been stalking that doll-head! Haha! I really wonder where to find them! I will never stop until I find it! Haha!

  2. haha i haven't seen those mannequin heads before but maybe I wasn't paying attention. Its really cute! hehe. I love your post! and your hair piece design, it is adorable! you are really talented! and congrats on the japanese/english post! <3

    1. Michi! Hello! Thanks for leaving a comment! (How's the Japanese version of this blog post? Haha TAKA wrote it and he had a hard time because my words are too girly haha!)

      I really hope I can go back to Tokyo again!

  3. Hahaha! I just lol-ed reading your comment above saying that taka struggled to translate because it was too "girly"...ohh the things you make taka do... haha. Ohh I love your new tags and brand development! It's really coming together and has 'Tracy ' written all over it (*¯︶¯*) hehe.

    And over decorated pics as usual... I like to look at your decorating and pick things out. and my fav is how you decorated the real twiggy heads with your bows, and the kewpie riding the horse! Hahahaha! Love it!! ♡

    1. Thanks Em!! I missed your comments here!! I wanted to reach out to the Japanese readers so we tried writing in Japanese. Hehe.

      Oh yes... I love my over-decorated pics! I even thought about looking for Twiggy stickers hahaha! But Kewpie fit fine~ they're both cute! Haha!

  4. Hope you are still using that mannequin head.


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