Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Brains & Veins: Misha Janette wears TTD at Vogue Girl's Chanel Beauty Pop Up Event (March 2013)

Grabbed from Misha Janette's Instagram ~ March 27, 2013 "#chanel beauty pop up event by VOGUE girlでルージュをトライしました!選び方は東京らしくすごいテクノロジーつかった演出がきいてる。表参道ヒルズだよ!帽子も見てww"

A few months late post... I didn't even realize that I didn't get to post this super great milestone with Tiara by Tracy Dizon! But this is too precious to miss out! I know I already sound like a broken record forever thanking Misha Janette for trusting me and believing in my designs that got me so many opportunities opened up and also challenged me to explore those crazy designs my heart has been yearning to make!

HOORAY! There's Purikura in MNL!!

August 12, 2013 ~ OMG! It's pure happiness to find this in Manila! I just had to have a dorky photo with it! Haha!
OMG! THE DAY has finally come that PURIKURA has arrived here in Manila! It was last week one rainy Monday when classes were suspended because of the Typhoon Labuyo that Liley and I, despite the rain, braved our way to SM North to come  check the PURIKURA Machine!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Toreishi's Homage to Yayoi Kusama:"We ❤ Yayoi Kusama in Manila!"

In the spirit of Yayoi Kusama visiting Manila, I'm proud to make my own speciail edition Yayoi Kusama-inspired Mini-Orbs headpiece Atom Hat! Oh yeah... #TiarabyTracyDizon!

In the spirit of Yayoi Kusama in Manila Festivities, I wanna excite myself even more by making my little Yayoi Kusama Homage Blog Post! Scavenged from my friends and my sneak attack pics from my Japan trips and more! Haha! I love Yayoi Kusama's SPOTS!!

Conversations in Art | Akira Tatehata A Lecture on Yayoi Kusama | August 10, 2013| 4:00 PM| Ayala Museum GF
Looking forward to later ~ August 10th 
I can finally check Yayoi Kusama's Exhibit at the Ayala Museum!

(Hello August! I've missed you my dear happy blog place of mine! It sucks my laptop is on hiatus right now since it needed to be sent back to Acer. Boo. Windows 8 has so many glitches!) Anws, I have been long anticipating to come and see Yayoi Kusama's Exhibit at the Ayala Museum! It has been open since July 2013 (and will run until September 2013)! I wanted to go and visit right away but my designer pals and I couldn't find time to get together and see the genius works of Yayoi Kusama altogether! (*Sigh* It gets busy for everyone that it's so hard to find time! Seriously!) But finally, I'm excited to finally find some time to come and visit the exhibit and also attend the Akira Tatehata lecture on Yayoi Kusama, I'm sure it would be a very interesting talk. I'm looking forward in a few hours to learn more about it! (I'm even so excited writing about it now I need to hurry up and head my way to Ayala Museum NOW!!)