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Brains & Veins: Misha Janette wears TTD at Vogue Girl's Chanel Beauty Pop Up Event (March 2013)

Grabbed from Misha Janette's Instagram ~ March 27, 2013 "#chanel beauty pop up event by VOGUE girlでルージュをトライしました!選び方は東京らしくすごいテクノロジーつかった演出がきいてる。表参道ヒルズだよ!帽子も見てww"

A few months late post... I didn't even realize that I didn't get to post this super great milestone with Tiara by Tracy Dizon! But this is too precious to miss out! I know I already sound like a broken record forever thanking Misha Janette for trusting me and believing in my designs that got me so many opportunities opened up and also challenged me to explore those crazy designs my heart has been yearning to make!

Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Brainy Bow from the S/S 2013 Brains & Veins Collection!
Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Brainy Bow from the S/S 2013 Brains & Veins Collection!
Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Brainy Bow from the S/S 2013 Brains & Veins Collection!
Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Brainy Bow from the S/S 2013 Brains & Veins Collection!

This Brains & Veins Collection has been a very a special collection for me since I've worked on this just thinking "What would Misha wear?", Misha Janette has inspired me a lot this past seasons and it has been really rejuvenating and exciting! This was even close to half a year in the making importing materials from all over the world and combining with the finest Sinamay local materials and the quirkiest details!

ブロガー&ジャーナリストのMisha Janetteさんも!@ CHANEL BEAUTY POP UP EVENT ♡[Grabbed from — VOGUE girl JAPAN @VOGUEgirlJAPAN]

I must say that this feeling of bliss seeing my designs mingle with top fashion institutions and brands is still surreal! It never gets old and I'll be forever thanking Misha Janette for allowing my designs to get to mingle with the world's top fashion brands! Last time, it was at the Armani Eccentrico at the Armani Tower in Ginza, Tokyo (Check-out Misha Janette's Page)and this time, Misha Janette wore my piece at a Chanel x Vogue Girl Japan Event?!

I think it's in every aspiring fashion designer's dream and lifetime desire to be at least be a speck dust and be part of VOGUE or Chanel! Even in just some small degree separation is a great feeling! More so to be noticed and appreciated by the best people in the industry. EVEN more so be worn by a really fierce and unforgettable fashion icon... Misha Janette!

「CHANEL BEAUTY POP UP EVENT」VOGUE girlスペシャルナイト♡ 表参道ヒルズにて開催中! 壁一面に広がったメトロマップから、自分にぴったりのリップスティック&フレグランスを見つけられます
[Grabbed from — VOGUE girl JAPAN (@VOGUEgirlJAPAN)

Basically, the Chanel x VOGUE Girl Japan Event themed with a "Tokyo Underground Metro", launched the lipstick "Rouge Coco" and the fragrance "Chance" and it was attended by top Fashion peeps in Tokyo!

Chanel's "Rouge Coco" (grabbed from VOGUE Girl Blog)
Chanel's "Chance" (grabbed from VOGUE Girl Blog)

Peli, stylist/DJ/Vogue Japan blogger and Una, Harajuku model were seen at the event too! 

Peli, stylist/DJ/Vogue Japan blogger and Una, Harajuku model
[Grabbed from — VOGUE girl JAPAN (@VOGUEgirlJAPAN)
It's just awesome, Misha merely wearing my pieces helped me with my business deals in Tokyo! I remember when I was presenting my designs, I bravely showed my samples pieces and I was holding on to my iPad with all of Misha Janette's OOTD wearing my designs... I must say that it really caught some attention... especially with the shops in Tokyo! For that, not only am I blissfully thankful for making me a part of the fiercest top fashion events, I'm grateful a whole lot more with the opportunities that came about it!  

Check Out Vogue Girl Blog about the Chanel Beauty Pop-Up Event (written by: Utano Sasaki) to know more about it!

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March 26 - 31, 2013 (11.30hr to 20.00hr)
Ground Floor Gallery, Omotesando Hills, 
Omotesando, Shibuya, Tokyo
Facebook Page:VOGUE Girl Japan
Twitter: @VOGUEgirlJAPAN



  1. Your passion is high. I'm glad you feel proud of your success. Your designs are unique and artistic. Keep trying you best.

  2. yay! that's so exciting. I love your design, it is so creative and neat!!! Congrats!!! (:

    1. Thanks Michi-chan!! I appreciate your support always!

  3. Hi, tracy. This is chicken but my real name is Brigitte. I think i'm going to start blogging again. I have free time after work so i'll do it more often.
    I hope to see more from you. OMG misha janet used ur designs.. I'm so happy for you. You really deserve this... You worked hard for every little thing you do.. it's finally paying off

    1. Hi!! I've been missing your comments here!! I'll follow your new blog!! Let's catch-up soon!

  4. Very beautiful! I've been dreaming of attending a Channel event all my life and this has been a good inspiration for me. Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep blogging.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I miss blogging actually! But these days has been extremely busy! I'll try to update more I have so much to write about!


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