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HOORAY! There's Purikura in MNL!!

August 12, 2013 ~ OMG! It's pure happiness to find this in Manila! I just had to have a dorky photo with it! Haha!
OMG! THE DAY has finally come that PURIKURA has arrived here in Manila! It was last week one rainy Monday when classes were suspended because of the Typhoon Labuyo that Liley and I, despite the rain, braved our way to SM North to come  check the PURIKURA Machine!

Grabbed from Kawaii Momma Camille Langit [@cxmzl] Whaaaaa we must go to the PURIKURA!

I have to say and give a huge thanks to Camille for sharing her Purikura photo on her Instagram! Liley and I didn't hesitate to go even on a rainy day to try it ourselves! Naku thanks Camille, for sharing your experience and we got to experience it ourselves, too!

August 12, 2013 ~ Sorry I just had to take a photo of each screen grab coz I'm just so happy to find Purikura in Manila!! 
During my first trip to Tokyo way back 2009... I was already curious with Purikura but I was still afraid to try it by myself. Haha! I used to walk around Takeshita Dori at night time and leave Veejay (Veejay Floresca) & Nicole (Nicole Mori) and Siti ~ our surrogate Japanese Momma and ever so awesome tourguide of Tokyo and just go solo despite I can't speak Nihongo to save my life... 

October 2009 ~ Walking around the streets of Harajuku late at night all by myself... I enjoy people watching

It was fun to have an alone time walking around Harajuku and watching girls take Purikura. Haha! I'm such a dorky loner but I was enjoying myself! I wish I had enough guts to try Purikura then but instead I just took some pics of Purikura Machines haha!

October 2009 ~ Didn't have the enough Nihongo Skills to try Purikura all by myself then but instead I just took a photo of them! 

But after two years I've returned to Japan... I've come to love Purikura machines even more! I first tried it myself in Osaka when I was lurking around Hep5 in Umeda... I was so curious how to use it of course and it was only when Kareshi helped me operate it that I had the courage to try it by myself. It's in Nihongo so it's a challenge... I still get panicked using it until now actually... but it's the fun of it! I swear I always tell Kareshi to get me my own Purikura Machine someday. LOL. It's our inside joke haha! That's how much I love it! 

August 2011 ~ My mundane curious days lurking around Osaka and I wanted to try these Purikura Machines... yet again!

I love how Purikura produces "Instant Photoshoot" Pictures! haha! It really does!! All of a sudden I feel super pretty! Haha! This is still my prettiest most favorite Purikura set ever!

August 2011~ Hep5, Umeda, Osaka
My First Selfie-Purikura in Japan! Haha! It's still my favorite!

Kareshi is the sweetest for joining me in my first Purikura ever! Haha!  We walked around Namba, Osaka just to look for a Purikura Machine. Precious "Firsts" Purikura Pics!

August 2011~ Namba, Osaka
My First Purikura in Japan! This is memorable and I still laugh at that picture with a doughnut haha!

I remember my sister Stacy told me few years ago that there's a Purikura Machine available in Glorietta... But I think it closed down... Too bad!! >_<

Grabbed from my sister Stacy... Yes we are all Kawaii Sisters and our friends too!
(Purikura in Glorietta 2010)

This time, I was really excited to find a real authentic Purikura with the whole lighting and hyper music at the background! Words couldn't explain how much happiness I feel with this! Somehow I can feel a little piece of Japan here in Manila!!

August 12, 2013 ~ The Purikura experience here in Quezon City! My hometown!!

It was so funny how excited we were to Purikura that we dressed up our best "Rain-wear" Haha! Liley finally got a chance to wear her plastic rain-wear coat she designed it for her class! Haha! She was so excited to wear it just for Purikura's sake! Haha!

Liley and Atreyu posing for #OOTD! haha! We were all excited to be fashionable for Purikura's sake! LOL!

I just wanted to wear my DM's... monsoon season is the best time for me to wear them here! Well nothing special with my #OOTD. I even felt I look like a friend of Paddington Bear may be because of my double breasted jacket haha. Nothing... just random thoughts! Hehe.

August 12, 2013 ~ My Paddington Bear #OOTD LOL really it's not. LOL.

Well just in case you didn't know what I've been raving about here for the last few sentences... Purikura is simply defined by the Urban Dictionary as:
"A Japanese photo booth called 'Print Club'. For about three dollars (actually for 400 Yen) you print out a sheet of sixteen small stickers with your photo on it, with crazy or cute borders and cartoon images (aka Hello kitty.)" 
- Urban Dictionary definition of Purikura

August 12, 2013 ~ Oh yes I look like a dork not looking at the camera with the other photo. LOL. Some rude by-stander rudely opened our booth while taking pics hence I look so dorky. LOL!

If I can define Purikura perhaps I'd say: 
"Purikura is the Kawaii Photobooth Machine, specially made for kawaii girls... It is customized with special editing programs that enhances the physical attributes of the subject... It may enhance the skin color, eye-size, height and even size! Oh yeah It's so advanced like that! But perhaps the highlight of the Purikura machine that makes it unique among other photobooth machines are the editing sticker tools that can personalize each photograph. Purikura photo output prints may range in single copy to as many as 32 small pieces it may also be shared via email with the other purikura machine with more advanced features." 
Oh yeah did I just geeked myself and defined Purikura?! Oh yes! I love Purikura with so much passion haha!

August 12, 2013 ~ Editing Purikura was fun and panicking feeling! Haha! Even if I can poorly just read a few Japanese Characters, I just stamp my way to editing our pics!

I'm just really happy to share this with my sister, Liley... It has been one of my wish to share Purikura with all of my sisters, too bad my other two sisters have already migrated to the U.S... Purikura in Manila came in one year too late for all of us to experience it! >_< But it's okay we'll see each other again here someday I hope! But nonetheless, I'm just am happy to share the same adrenalin rush with her! She also had much fun trying it for the first time!

August 12, 2013 ~ We are so happy kids! LOL!

I'm really very happy to even learn that the Purikura Machine in SM North is updated! It's not some second class old version... The stickers were up to date! Seeing summer themed stickers made me feel I'm really in Japan taking fun Purikura Pics!

August 12, 2013 ~ Atreyu & Liley enjoying the editing in Purikura!

411's: WHERE TO FIND? 
I was actually so excited that I even asked around the Purikura Booth Operator how long it has been since they had this machine up and running in SM North... I learned that this Purikura Machine is owned by the company ROHRA Photobooth! As far as I've learned and asked, it is owned by a Japanese so no wonder it would be really authentic. Hehe. I feel so lucky to be one of the first peeps to have come check it out especially that their SM North Purikura is almost just one month old, they started operating this Purikura Machine in July 2013! Yehey!! It's sooo new!

August 12, 2013 ~ Enjoying every frame! Haha!

I know the next question in your mind is "How much is it?". I was really super surprised to learn that it's just ₱100 on weekdays and ₱120 on weekends! That's really one awesome deal I swear! In Japan, a Purikura Machine with the same caliber is priced at Ұ400 (₱200) ! It's even cheaper here!! The ROHRA Operator told me that they first started with ₱200 pricing but it didn't attract much customers so they adjusted the price fit to be more affordable here in Manila. That's a huge joy for me! I'd pay for ₱200 even! But it's even more fun to find it even more affordable!

August 12, 2013 ~ Just simply pure joy to try the Purikura Machine!!

Rohra Photobooth also informed me that they are planning to have more Purikura Machines available in other SM Malls... namely, SM Centerpoint (Sta.Mesa) and SM Manila... That's just exciting! i'm looking forward to the day when I can find Purikura Machines in all arcade areas in Metro Manila, too! Haha!

Grabbed from ROHRA Photobooth FB Page! Glad to be snapped and be part of the first peeps to try your Purikura Machine!
COMING SOON in MANILA! from ROHRA Photobooth!
ROHRA Photobooth was also so eager to tell me about the latest Purikura Machine coming to Manila! This would be more expensive since you can also get a softcopy access to your purikura pics just like in Japan! Well, I think this is something to look forward to as well!

August 12, 2013 ~ Quick video while taking Purikura! Can you feel the adrenalin rush from the upbeat song?! Haha! It's exciting and panicking at the same time!

We were truly super excited and looking forward again to the next time to have more PURIKURA taken here!! Without furthermore ado... Here are some of our Purikura Photos we had last week!! It's just purely happy!

August 12, 2013 SM North Liley, Atreyu and Tracy trying on the PURIKURA in Manila!!
August 12, 2013 SM North Liley, Atreyu and Tracy trying on the PURIKURA in Manila!!
August 12, 2013 SM North Liley, Atreyu and Tracy trying on the PURIKURA in Manila!!
August 12, 2013 SM North Liley, Atreyu and Tracy trying on the PURIKURA in Manila!!
Please check out ROHRA Photobooth on Facebook and support them! Aren't we glad we can get to experience this here in Manila too?! Hope you can try it sometime!

ROHRA Photobooth
Purikura Machine Operator
Address: Food Court Area, SM North, North Avenue corner EDSA, Quezon City
Facebook Page: ROHRA Photobooth


  1. Wow that's a dream come true to me! I've always wanted to take photos in Purikuras but there's none here in the US (At least where I live, and the places I've visited.) Possibly there might be some in Hawaii. Good to know it's also cheaper to do it in Manila than Tokyo.

    I'm probably gonna blow so much money on those machines once I'm back there hahaha!

  2. Your purikura crave and passion are the highest haha. I know you we're too excited. I'm just glad you liley and Atreyu had fun with it.


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