Monday, September 30, 2013

AC+632: ♡❤ A Walk through Vintage & Opulence Love ❤♡ (PART 1)

Vintage & Opulence Love: Tiara by Tracy Dizon is proud to be a part of the AC+632 Store!
【2nd Floor Greenbelt5, Legazpi Street, Ayala Center, Makati City, Philippines】

For three years now in counting, it has been my pride and joy to have the privilege and opportunity to showcase my creations and be a part of the AC+632 Store (Access Code +632 is Manila's Access Code BTW!) in Greenbelt 5, Makati City. It's is still one of the most significant milestone of Tiara by Tracy Dizon through-out the years. The opulence and the nostalgic ambiance of AC+632 somehow brings out the old soul in my aesthetic and creatives... Yes, this scrawny-looking "kawaii" fashion designer has a deepest love for fashion history... old, new, vintage or pop. I guess it works for me! 

August 9, 2013 ~ I love this shop and the super quirky vintage opulence it exudes! Don't we just love this grandiose window display design of AC+632?!

I feel like I'm in a classic English Novel every time I pass by AC+632... Haha! Every corner of AC+632 is like a "painting-op"... not "photo-op"... but it does really feel like a painting! Haha!

September 29, 2013 ~ I'm feeling like a painting again at AC+632
Photos by: Atreyu Dizon (Atreyu took this photos BTW, he wants to be credited haha)

I must say I'm not only a consignee in AC+632 but I'm also a fan and customer of AC+632 as well! I love the quirks of the fellow noteworthy merchandise at the store! I feel like I'm taking a short European or even a World Tour with the diversity of quirky items found in AC+632! Let me share some of my personal picks! Haha!

Mexican Festival inspired "Dia de Muertos" Home Accents
I thought this was a pin-button, but it's actually a mirror on the other side...
I love the vintage flower print!
AC+632 has a lot of those shabby-chic pieces with soft and muted colors! I'm actually feeling inspired to make a collection with this color palette! That may be interesting!

Shabby Chic Fashion accessories!

Vintage 1950's inspired cards are just so cute! Note-cards couldn't get any more quirkier than this!

Quirky 1950's inspired note-cards! Quirky!

They also have nautical quirky stuff too! Patches and Bow Ties, too!

Quirky Bow Ties!
Whaaaaaa??!! The CUTEST Patches and Pin Accents!!
One of my favorites in AC+632 are the spring feel decors.

Spring-feel decors are lovely! 
I was so relieved to find nice faux fruits coz I've been thinking about incorporating them in my designs! I love those quirky strawberries and mini-apples! They're just adorable!

Adorable Faux Fruits for the home (and for my quirky designs too haha!)

Of course my "cultured" little boy also had his own picks, too! He enjoyed the animal displays and was so amazed with "how real they were"

Atreyu was amazed with the "Real Animals" home decors at AC+632!

Atreyu also wanted his own "Painting-Op" at AC+632! He said he wanted to show off the animals!

Atreyu and the quirky animal decors at AC+632! Haha!
Just picking my own favorite picks in AC+632 makes me giddy, nostalgic and I feel like an old soul in deep thought.. Haha! It's such an honor that my designs are part of this very nice old world shop in Greenbelt5! Well, I think I should make a Part 2 of this blog post since I'm sure I'll be mooning over like a dork with my own Tiara babies merchandise! Haha! But I do hope I have enticed you all to come visit AC+632 shop not only because of my Tiara babies! But it's really a nice feel good old world store in Makati City!

AC+632 Flyers! Check them out at Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City!
Tiara by Tracy Dizon available at AC+632 blog post up next! Stay tuned!

AC +632
Decoding the Art of Living
Vintage Novelty Shop

Address: 2nd Floor Greenbelt5, Legazpi Street, Ayala Center, Makati City, Philippines
Tel.No.: +6327582564 
Fax No.: +6327582597
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  1. You're always amazingly well totaled photos of a store. Good promotion and the store must be happy too. And of course Atreyu is cute.

  2. Too late but it could have been a good idea to get something antique for you.


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