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TTD: Happy First Season in MAM AvantGarde (August/September 2013 News and Updates)


I can't believe it's been one season since I've started selling in MAM AvantGarde! Thank you everyone for the pour of support! It's always a great source of joy! I feel more energized to make creative and unique designs just by the thought of seeing my designs being appreciated in Tokyo! どもありがとう!Thank you very much for all the support and appreciation! ♡ ≧◠◡◠≦ ♡

September 2013 ~ Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Eye Bow collection and Kitty Bows Collection at Mam AvantGarde in Harajuku, Tokyo! 

Being a first-timer in the Harajuku Market, I must say it was nerve-wrecking and I was anxious! Plus it was a bit difficult not to see my TTD Babies at sight! Not a day goes by that I wish I was in Tokyo helping out promoting TTD in Tokyo! (⊙.⊙(☉_☉)⊙.⊙) But nonetheless it was all worth it! All our hardwork, me, Liley and Taka and the rest of the Tiara by Tracy Dizon Staff all worked very hard to make quality and SUPER KAWAII designs fit for Harajuku Fashion! がんばりましょ!

July 5 , 2013 ~ Delivery #2 Parcel safely arrived in Tokyo!
Sending parcels was a challenge at first because I want them to arrive safely in Tokyo! I always feel a big relief when it safely arrives in Tokyo with Taka. I am so thankful I have a very supportive kareshi and partner who personally delivers my TTD Babies to Mam AvantGarde!

August 2013 ~ New Arrivals of TTD in Mam AvantGarde! Taka always show me photos of the items and the AvantGarde Store in Harajuku!

Even if I'm not in Tokyo I'm so relieved I have a very responsible "Businessman"-partner (kareshi) who supervise and takes care of TTD in Tokyo on my behalf.  He takes most of the pictures so I can also see the shop! I miss Tokyo so much! But I am very proud that we definitely we deliver our goods with 101% love and effort! ♡ ≧◠◡◠≦ ♡

August 2013 ~ TTD at Mam AvantGarde! 

Mochiron, we love the super Harajuku Fashionista, Street-Snapped Fashion Leader and Ms.AvantGarde herself... Momo! I always get ecstatic seeing her wear and even endorse Tiara by Tracy Dizon to Mam AvantGarde Customers!

August 2013 ~ We Love Momo! どもありがとう!
Thank you for taking care of Tiara by Tracy Dizon designs in Mam AvantGarde!
Momo is wearing Red-Kitty-chan Bow and New Mam AvantGarde T-shirt I want that  Neko T-shirt!!
I feel really blessed and honored to be a part of  AvantGarde Japan! Even miles away from Tokyo I can feel how much they work hard to promoting and making TTD part of Kawaii Harajuku Fashion! Thank you for always promoting my brand!

August 19, 2013 ~ Tiaraのeye ballヘッドピースかわいいですよ〜♪
【Repost from @mam_avantgarde 】Hello there "Uni-Urchin" Fascinator from the "See Sick, Sea Sick!" Collection! Made with the best Sinamay Materials, Galaxy Tulle, Ostrich Feathers, Toy-Eyes and Eyeball Ceramic Beads! Exclusively available at #avantgardejapan#mamavantgarde

July 29, 203 ~ (From @mam_avantgarde)【NEW荷情報】Tiaraの目玉リボンに新色が登場!!!キティリボンも3色にパーティーやイベントにオススメのヘッドアクセです♡
New #tiarabytracydizon pieces now available at#mamavantgarde #avantgardejapan! New designs ~ Pink Kitty-chan, Mimmy-chan from the Kitty Bows Collection and Purple Nurple & Green-Gangrene from the EyeBows Collection! Check them out at Mam Avantgarde!

I'm even touched the beautiful AvantGarde Designer, Naoti-chan also promotes my brand in her IG! どもありがとうなおちーちゃん!

September 18, 2013 ~ #halloween にkittyちゃんコスもかわいいよ♥KITTYちゃんカチューシャおいてます #avantgardejapan
【Repost from @naotiii 】
#tiarabytracydizon kittybow #hellokity #hellomimmy#headpieces perfect for #halloween! Check out #mamavantgarde#avantgardejapan @mam_avantgarde

I couldn't thank Mam AvantGarde enough for giving me the honor to be part of their store! It was also the sweetest feeling everytime they send me sales report or another request for re-order of stock! Wow! Kawaii peeps of Harajuku loves Tiara! Haha! Thank you very much for making me a part of your awesome store! 


Mochiron, this UPDATE won't be complete without my dear guests who visits my Tiara Babies in Mam AvantGarde! I really appreciate and I get really excited when a friend comes visit Mam AvantGarde! 

My doll-faced friend, Michi-chan [] graced Mam AvantGarde and sent me this lovely photo! She's my good friend and we often talk about our Nihonjin Kareshi (well she has a Danna and I have Kareshi hehe) She lives in Yokohama so I'm so touched that she passed by to come visit my TTD Babies in Harajuku! She's sooooo pretty!! Thanks for visiting, babe! I'm looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo when I comeback!!

August 30, 2013 ~ Sweet dollfaced Michi-San visited MAM avantgarde エムエーエム アバン ギャルド yday in Harajuku to check out my pieces! Hope you liked Tiara by Tracy Dizon! — with Michi Nishiyama at 竹下通り Harajuku Takeshita Street.

Another shout-out to my dear friend Ms.Candy Kawaii Lover... Ashley Dy! We were supposed to meet for tea and more here in Manila but she had to back to a new job waiting for her in Tokyo! Instead she met my Tiara Babies over there in Tokyo! LOL!
September 8,2013 ~ 【From @_ashleydy@mam_avantgarde に初めていった。楽しかったです。@pixietracy, おめでとうございます!
【Repost from @_ashleydy】 Someone visited#tiarabytracydizon in @mam_avantgarde#mamavantgarde #avantgardejapan today! Thank you for visiting my babies, A! Missing #harajuku now!! October see y'all!
Sept. 18, 2013 ~ Hello there Ashley! Thank you for visiting TTD in Mam AvantGarde!! Do you like my sticker edit?! HAHAHA!
Photo by: Ashley Dy!
Ashley was one of the first blog pals who was so kind and generous to help me spread the Tiara in Tokyo's recent success! She was in Kobe back then but it's just serendipity that she moved nearby Tokyo for work now! Oh am I so excited to fly back to Tokyo and meet and hang-out with more friends in Tokyo!

Sept. 18, 2013 ~ Ashley took some photos of TTD displayed at Mam AvanGarde!
Photo by: Ashley Dy 

Another special visitor came by to Mam AvantGarde last weekend! It is one of my Kawaii Tea Party Girls... Little P! Paloma is one of the Philippine Representative at the JENESYS 2.0 Project, it's soooo awesome she was chosen together with 18 other Filipinos to have an in depth immersion project in Japan! Whaaaaa so lucky!! I'm also very happy that before she was chosen with this project, I met her in my Japanese Fashion Seminar Talk in UP Diliman! After a few weeks woot! She would have really be using the Tokyo tips and fashion knowledge I shared with her! It's that great! I even tipped her to shop in Mam AvantGarde! Haha!

October 4, 2013 ~ stopped by Avantgarde, Harajuku! Hi Miss tracy, bought some stockings!#tiarabytacydizon #tokyo #harajuku #fashion #kawaii【Repost from @palomapicart Look who visited @mam_avantgarde in #harajuku today! Our tea-party kawaii fashionable friend Little P (Paloma!) So so happy to see you visit my#tiarabytracydizon babies over the in #tokyo!! You even had a nice pic with @naotiii! 
Seeing y'all visit my Tiara Babies makes me feel closer to Tokyo in a way! Thanks for the snaps and for sharing my dear friends! I can't wait 'til I comeback to Tokyo and see how my TTD Babies are all doing in Mam AvantGarde! 


Gomen Nasai for the late post but nonetheless post worthy! The First Season in AvantGarde launched for some best-sellers together with the newly designs collections in Tokyo! I'm so proud and honored to launched them in Mam Avantgarde!

Kitty Bows Collection grew bigger this time! Since it was already one of my best-sellers here in Manila (I also get orders from all over the world!) I thought of expanding the Kitty-chan mania with two new designs!
Tiara in Tokyo! Emika Sangu wears TTD Red Kitty-chan Bow with matching Mam AvantGarde Hello Kitty Tights! Perfect combination!

Pink Kitty-chan: From the first Red Kitty-chan Headpiece, I thought of developing another Hello Kitty-inspired headpiece! Hello Kitty is often seen in Red but she also wears Pink! I'm so proud 'coz this is now one of the best-sellers in Mam Avantgarde!

Tiara by Tracy Dizon's PINK KITTY-CHAN

Mimmy-chan: Did you know that Hello Kitty has a twin sister named Hello Mimmy? She wear a Yellow Bow and her bow is on the right-side opposite to Hello Kitty's. I thought this can be a matching headpiece with Kitty-chan perfect for matching BFF's! 

Tiara by Tracy Dizon's MIMMY-CHAN!

Eye Bows Collection: Eyebows Collection also grew with two new designs!

Tiara in Tokyo! Yukas Matsumoto wears TTD Purple Nurple Eye Bow

Purple Nurple: I developed this Purple Nurple Eye Bow because I love how Purple and Yellow color combination! The Eyes are popping so brightly!
Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Purple Nurple from the Eye Bows Collection!

Green Gangrene: Kinda reminds me of Buttercup of Power Puff Girls! Green and Black Combinator is a fun color! I'm happy to learn that this is also popular among my TTD designs in Mam Avantgarde!

Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Green-Gangrene from the Eye Bows Collection!
First steps are the hardest, first days, first weeks, first months... At some point I was so anxious Kawaii peeps wouldn't like my designs! (⊙.⊙(☉_☉)⊙.⊙) But OMG I'm so happy now that I'm writing this blog update and now I'm telling my first season in Mam AvantGarde! In every success there will be some roadblocks and people who would try to bring you down and of course I'm not immune to that, I also got my share of people wanting to get ahead of everyone and would try to step on other people just for a little bit of fame. Sometimes or during the first steps it was hard to deal with different kinds of people and different kinds of challenges but now I'm just glad to say I didn't stop and heck I didn't need to compromise my vision in the long run... This was our pure hard-earned effort from Liley, me, Taka and the rest of the Tiara by Tracy Dizon Staff! Okay I'm being cryptic... Let me talk in a more understandable way. Haha!

One of the best blessings I've gotten this year was to become a part of Mam AvantGarde, it opened me to many opportunities and inspired me to create more creative ideas each day! Kazuhiroman, Airi, Momoe and Naoti (and all the AvantGarde Staff) are all very accommodating and we all work together for the success of Mam AvanGarde! I hope in the future I can spend more time with them hopefully someday when I move to Tokyo with Taka haha! 

Even if it was hard the first few steps, it was all rewarding and rejuvenating when I got the first sales report! All the more when AvantGarde sends me an email asking for restock of my designs! I couldn't be anymore happier! I'm just thankful to bring you a nice a happy news here! 'Til the next seasons! More SEASONS to come in Mam AvantGarde!


  1. You're amazingly great at designs. Your pieces are now displayed at an outstanding location at the store. You'll keep trying so more successes come with you. Congratulation.

  2. It was sad that some of the pieces were a bit damaged during delivery but it was nice to see yours displayed there. I want you to start up headpieces again.


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