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Tracy Dizon visits The Young Designers Club of Miriam College High School!

November 20, 203 Super cute and awesome poster made by the Young Designers Club of Miriam College High School for the Career Talk I have been honored to be invited and speak about.
Hello there! It has been crazy busy nowadays especially with so much happening these days, inasmuch as I want to catch up here in my blog I think I will only get to it this coming December! Planning for the TTD's Second Serving Teaparty, the sad devastating catastrophe of the Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that hit my country, a new TV Show Fashion Project, Kareshi's short Manila Trip and my 31st Birthday all came too fast I couldn't catch my breath. But despite my busy schedule, I couldn't let visiting my dear Alma Mater pass me by... So when Monica Arucan, sister of my dear fashion friend, Gelo Arucan and a senior member of the Young Designers Club of M. C. H. S.  invited me to do a career and fashion design talk in M. C. H. S. , I gladly obliged with much enthusiasm!

November 20, 2013 ~ Feeling nostalgic over the spots in M. C. H. S. , The Miriam College High School Teardrop used to be one of our practice area for class our oratorical presentations and PE Classes! 
I was so excited to see the campus and visit the teachers back in High School. It felt nostalgic seeing Miriam College High School again, it feels like I'm 16 again! Haha! I can't believe time flew by and memories of high school is already 13 years ago! I remember the school areas where me and my classmates were practicing for school projects and skits and plays. So many has changed and yet the school still feels the same.

November 20, 2013 ~ Getting ready for my talk was so amazing! I was impressed with the couch and a stage even! I thought I was just going in a simple classroom! 

While getting ready for my talk, I can't help but to be amazed with the new facilities in Miriam College High School! I was like a kid in a candy store wooing over it, I must have looked weird for the girls. Haha. It's just an AV-Room, Ms. Tracy! Haha! But I kept saying it over and again to them, they wouldn't know how much they have unless they step into the real world. 

November 20, 2013~ The Young Designers Club of Miriam College High School! I'm so honored that a lot of students came to listen to my talk!
I'm so happy to know that more girls are aspiring to be fashion designers nowadays, I was even more surprised to learn there's such club now. During my high school days I was a member of the MCHS Pep Squad, there weren't much wide choices then, if we had a Young Designers Club then I'd definitely be in it!

November 20, 2013~ So funny to find this random #selfie of these energetic Emcees: Stacey and Maria Selina on my iPhone Camera Roll! Funny girls! Haha!
It gave me goosebumps upon hearing "Miriam of Nazareth... Teach us your ways and lead us to Jesus." at the end of the opening prayer! I'm feeling a blast from the past! Too bad I was so into my talk that I forgot to ask to take photos while I was doing my lecture! Haha! But pretty much I sat comfortably in the couch while the girls listened to be attentively! Haha! It was nostalgic and really fulfilling to be able to do this seeing the zeal in the eyes of the girls! It was such an honor to be invited back in this special place... even more so a GREAT HONOR to be awarded like a high school graduate all over again! LOL!

November 20, 2013 ~ Haha! It was so cool that I even get to be awarded yet again! It suddenly feels like High School Graduation! Haha! Thanks Sir Ryan for awarding me haha!
November 20, 2013 ~ Okay now it really feels like High School Graduation! Haha!
November 20, 2013 ~I can remember back in High School we had this kind of shot suring grad! LOL!
Oh I can't help but to squeal out of cuteness seeing the cutest token they gave me! I love the bear! She will be part pf our stuffed pets Atreyu and I have here at home! And of course my Certificate of Appreciation Award! 

Thank you Young Designers Club for my super cute gift!!

And of course just like way back in high school, Knollers love to take pics and innately knows to do blocking on photos! Haha! Funny traits, "That's so Knoller!"

I can't believe they're Freshies?!? They're bigger than me?!
I have affiliations with the Yellow Batch because I was also from the Yellow Batch 2000! Haha! Go Yellow!
There were a few Juniors! They must be excited with their Junior Promenade!
A lot of Young Designers Seniors! WOOT! I hope y'all continue to pursue your goals!
And of course I really appreciate the opportunity to have a chance to introduce my brand to my young target market! The cute and fun-lovin highschool girls! 

November 20, 2013 ~ Thank you for letting me promote my brand with fellow MCHS Girls!
November 20, 2013 ~ Please come to our Tea Party!
As we end our session, I was such an eager beaver to get a chance to sing the Miriam Song again! After 13 years?!? I was a bit rusty but it touched my heart deeply. It was such a nice experience going back to Miriam College! I didn't get to take more photos because I was so engrossed talking to my former teachers! Mrs. Villanueva... "Big-Mama-Glenda", Mrs. Delfin, Sir "Bong-Bong-Baby" Belardo (forgive our funny nicknames haha!)  and Sir Dante De Leon were such nice familiar faces I've seen! There's no place like home...

Thank you for molding me to who I am now, MCHS. I'll forever be a proud Knoller.

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