Wednesday, December 04, 2013

PRESS: Tracy Dizon & Dimple Lim featured on GMA News Online (March 2013)

This year 2013 has been an blessed year for Tiara by Tracy Dizon and also my humble career as a fashion designer. I always still get this bliss of excitement everytime I get a published feature. This is a bit of a late post but nonetheless still postworthy! 

This topic is quite interesting actually, it may seem fashion is a "Girl thing" but the reality in the industry is that our gay-sisters really do dominate the industry. It may sound strange but as a female designer, I kinda feel out of place many times, I don't know half of the roster of beauty-queens of the Philippines and I don't know some gay linggos like "Borta" or those coded gay words... But at the end of the day, what makes me a designer is not blending in, it's still the same passion and commitment I've had since I was a little girl making paper dolls and mock-up Barbie clothes.

Here are some of my good friend and "kumare", Dimple Lim and my tips to aspiring female fashion designer here in the Philippines. Thanks again Mac Macapendeg for this interesting feature!

March 31, 2013: GMA News Online Feature by MAC Macapendeg