Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tiara's Atom Hat on SOEN Magazine's 2.5 Dimension Life EP.4 Twist by Misha Janette (May 2013)

SOEN Magazine May 2013 Issue
Misha Janette's 2.5 Dimension Life EP.4: Twist
Photos by: Mami Tanabe
Monthly Column by: Misha Janette
Before this long month of May comes to an end, I must post this! I must have overlooked and did not get to post this Tiara by Tracy Dizon Milestone here on my personal blog. Sometimes I get too spaced-out and overwhelmed that I forget to write it! But this is too good to be forgotten! Words cannot express the joy and happiness to see one of my creations be published in a very fierce Japanese Fashion Magazine ~ SOEN MAGAZINE!! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

✻✿ Wake-up and Smell the Roses: My First Spring Blooms in JPN ✿✻

May 6, 2013 Ebisu Garden Place ~  Yeah I look like a dork here... I know. LOL. But I couldn't help it! I just have to take a photo with the pretty flowers in this pretty garden place in Ebisu (I didn't realize this was a very famous place where the J-Dorama Hanae Yori Dango had a famous scene wish I could have taken more photos here?! )

One of the best mundane things I've come to really appreciate during my Spring Trip to Tokyo is seeing beautiful flowers everywhere... Literally, I found huge fresh bushes of roses in full bloom just along the street! Living in a tropical country, I find this kind of mundane thing as a great wonder... I could literally, "Wake-up and smell the roses!" right outside my doorstep!

Monday, May 27, 2013

"Part of the Success in Life is to Eat What You Like" ~ Nice Kind of Day ❤

May 22, 2013 ~ OOTD-ing while macaron sight seeing by Bizu Patisserie (Greenhills) always nice to spend some sister bonding time with Kaila and my sisters!
(#OOTD ~ A Floral Dress I got even for a 2 for 1 deal YAHOO!! Pocket Full of Roses tights by Belle Antique $27.00 USD; My undying love for Platform Sneakers; Betsey Johnson Dome Weekender Daisy Duke Yellow Large Satchel Bag $80.00)

Before I proceed to one heavy hardcore writing about my Tokyo Spring Trip 2013, I think I ought to insert some of the rare times I've motivated myself to go out and do a little bonding time with my dear little sisters... I have pile of things to do now that I'm working very hard to work on Tiara in Tokyo Project and make further more long term business in Tokyo. (I'm so excited to share it to everyone when the right time comes! ^_^) So more often than not, I rather stay home and work on designing or just do some writing and all the rest of the works I've been doing... Liley and I haven't even adjusted to the sudden life changes we are adapting to (since our whole family emigrated to the U.S.~ Guam just less than a month ago) But since Kaila came back to Manila for a vacation, Liley and I (and Atreyu too) had to see her.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

PART 3: Village Vanguard ~ Artsy Fartsy Homage! The Beatles~ Andy Warhol~ Yayoi Kusama!

Yet another Village Vanguard Post. Hehe. Part 3. What I also enjoy about window shopping and shopping-shopping in Village Vanguard (God forbid I don't shop for anything I don't really need) so I just resort to taking pictures instead.

What I also enjoyed here is the influx of Pop-Art Notalgia and the classics... I was such a crazy Beatles fan girl when I was in Fourth Grade (YES, when I was 10 years old and they were 30 years disbanded then) everyone in my class thinks I'm such a weirdo and a freak for liking The Beatles but hey... I just love them. If I was still as crazy fan girl like before, I would have died seeing all the Beatles items in Village Vanguard...

This may have been just paper bags... But for a Beatles freak, this is WOW!! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Cool Village Vanguard-ing Osaka (PART 1)

January 4, 2013 ~ Exciting Bookstore Village Vanguard, Shinsaibashi Osaka! We had a blast checking out the kakkoii stuff in this store!
Hello! Hello!  One of my favorite shops to visit in JPN is Village Vanguard for sure! It's just one lair of awesome out-of-the-box ideas and all those fun and crazy things! Ahhhh It's just always fun to be in the crazy shop of Village Vanguard!

I've been partly dreading this date when I'm gonna sit down and compose this blog because I've took 60+ photos just in this store alone... That's how much I super enjoy Village Vanguard! Now, how am I gonna finish animating and decorating all these photos...!? OMG I'm a photo hoarder?! Haha! Ganbarimasu~ Is all I can say. Haha!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hello Kitty Visit Japan App with Toreishi-san in Tokyo!

Japan National Tourism Organization made an App promoting Tourism in Japan with Hello Kitty!(Too bad download of this App has ended  last March 2013 though... Hope y'all had a chance to download this!)
Meow. こんいちは! Konnichiha! I must say I think I've been Hello Kitty overloading this recent Tokyo trip. BTW, Tadaima! I'm back in Manila and definitely time to start updating! (HUHUHU I haven't even finished my Kansai Winter Trip Blogs?! *;_;* ) But it would haunt me to sleep if I don't write them in my blog... I promise I will finish writing from Winter to Spring! Japan Trips are always fun and memorable that I must share it to the world! Haha! (May be I can be a Japan Tourism Promoter? LOL) 

Toreishi and Hello Kitty in Tokyo! Cool app?!? Visit Japan Hello Kitty App!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Tracy's Dear Diary: Tokyo Rush! Quick Hello Before the Hotel Housekeeping Comes! 0_0

April 27, 2013 ~ Travelled all the way to Mitaka to finally see this marvelous residential architecture dedicated to Helen Keller! Hello from Tokyo (and from Kitty-chan!)

Hello LOVES!! GOMEN NASAI for the long lagging quiet time here in my blog diary. I'm here in Tokyo now with Kareshi and been having a great personal time and fun work kawaii time... and of course shopping and window shopping! As much as I want to write everyday and update I can only find time to do it on my InstaGram! BECAUSE I will blame this to the hotel housekeeping that obliges me to leave my hotel by 10 am?! With this time deadline everyday... and how long I take to pick my coordinate and do my make-up... I would have to wake-up 4am just to manage writing and posting! I'll try my best to recap as fast now before the cleaning lady bangs my room again!

My daily dilemma of leaving before 10:00 am!? Housekeeping always makes me leave and hurry up?! Haha!