Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DAISO x Kawaii SANRIO Facemask: That FACEMASK Fashion and Function

Kawaii Fashion x Function!
SUPER KAWAII RECOMMENDED ITEM: DAISO x SANRIO Dispossable Kawaii Facemasks available at DAISO JAPAN!
Exactly one month ago, I got hospitalized due to the erratic weather and erratic work stress... I was a wreck. Unfortunately I was under observation with Pneumonia. *HARD* I had to nebulize daily and keep myself sanitized. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DAISO Japan in the PH (Part 2) : Bringing a piece of Kawaii Culture and Japan in the Philippines!

March 10, 2014 ~DAISO JAPAN, Robinson's Galleria! My go-to-happy-place for my kawaii overload fix!

Whenever I feel "Japan-sick" (my own term for "Home-sick-for-Japan") I resort to the only kawaii retail therapy overload (that I can't get enough of) at Daiso Japan. It's just heaven-sent that the same DAISO Japan that I spend hours during my trips to Japan was able to reach Manila offering the same amazing quality and kawaii products straight from Japan to the Philippine Market. どもありがとう! I can't thank you enough for making Japan seem closer to Manila, indeed.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DAISO Japan Part 1: The Ultimate Omiyage Store and Super Kawaii Finds Shop! (... And my Daiso Shopping Adventures in JPN!)

I must confess. I have been hoarding DAISO everytime I visit Japan. It has been my default place to look around, find nice omiyage for friends back home and just simply get the most practical and kawaii useful things I immediately need for my short trips in Japan.

October 2011 ~ DAISO Harajuku almost 3 years ago, I can stay the whole day lurking around this store!

Tracy's Dear Diary: Welcome Back Blog! Yes, this blog is still ALIVE!

Oh-Em-Gee. It has been AGES! I missed you so much my dearest happy place! I have been swamped with work! It's been ages that I have opened my laptop and I have been chasing time running to the office, going home, catching up with mommy duties here and there. Boring-boring, cliche lines, I know I'm sorry. Excuses, excuses!

Okay. Let me just catch a breath and have a Cliffnotes Summary what I've been to... First Major I've been upto is I'm doing a secret project that I have been enjoying and painstakingly has been consuming me... But I cannot disclose it yet because I will be in a lot of trouble haha! But For sure once it's out you'll be hearing it again and again from me! just to tease, I wanna "show-off" our super nice office work-room space! Oh I am just so lucky to have this kind of job!

March 6, 2014 ~ I love working here while watching TV. Hehe.

It was so busy that I got hospitalized when I got so sick with Influenza and Pneumonia... After 8 (healthy?) years I was hospitalized. Oh boy was is so hard when I had to bring myself (good thing Atreyu was with me!) to the Emergency Room when feeling so sick. Luckily, I recovered after some much needed rest. How about hospital for Valentine's Day? How miserable! Haha! Oh but I was so happy to be in the hospital then! I thought I was gonna puke my lungs off. Glad that episode is over.

February 17, 2014 ~ IV keeping me alive.
February 18, 2014 ~ One thing I like with hospitals are the hospital bracelets wish I got pink though. Hehe.

I've missed out alot and backlogged a lot, I feel bad 'coz this blog is my life memoir, I like documenting things I've been up to. It's fun especially when I get to look back at my own history. I promise to catch up on a lot of things... My trips to Japan that always make me smile! 

January 3, 2014 ~ Hello @mam_avantgarde @kazuhiroman and @m_o_m_o_e nice to see you again!!! Love you guys! Hehehehe see you again tomorrow!!!

Oh I miss these fun friends Kazuhiroman and Momo! My AvantGarde Family! AND EVERYONE IN TOKYO! Oh I should really catch up... And I wish I have the power to freeze time so I can do so!

The Tiara by Tracy Dizon Tea Party Girls!
Photo by: Mae L. Ngo
Of course who could forget the TTDTeaparty?! Oh yes, that's a whole lot of PHOTOSPAM to overload! I love the girls here!

April. Promise... I will catch up on my happy place. For now, just a short hello, I am barely alive, but very thankful for all the things I get to do and for being alive. Please keep reading, this blog is still ALIVE! 

See you soon! I will try to post some few stuff to warm up my writing skills again. Hehe.