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DAISO Japan in the PH (Part 2) : Bringing a piece of Kawaii Culture and Japan in the Philippines!

March 10, 2014 ~DAISO JAPAN, Robinson's Galleria! My go-to-happy-place for my kawaii overload fix!

Whenever I feel "Japan-sick" (my own term for "Home-sick-for-Japan") I resort to the only kawaii retail therapy overload (that I can't get enough of) at Daiso Japan. It's just heaven-sent that the same DAISO Japan that I spend hours during my trips to Japan was able to reach Manila offering the same amazing quality and kawaii products straight from Japan to the Philippine Market. どもありがとう! I can't thank you enough for making Japan seem closer to Manila, indeed.

March 10, 2014 ~ One of my favorite sweet-escape whenever I miss Japan... I go to DAISO Japan in Robinson's Galleria! It's so convenient because it's just nearby my office!
I started my retail-affair with DAISO JAPAN Philippines in 2011 when I learned all about the kawaii wonders of DAISO during my trips in Japan.  At first I just assumed it was just like any other ONE-DOLLAR-Store, but realized that everything  seemed not to look like just 105 Yen and most items are simply KAWAII-fied!! But DAISO JAPAN Philippines has been already in Manila since 2009, even if I passed by DAISO Japan (it was called SAIZEN by Daiso back then) back then I just thought it was just like any other ONE-DOLLAR-Stores but silly me, I now realized I've been missing a lot that I even had to see and shop in DAISO in Japan myself that I got to appreciate DAISO here in Manila. But I couldn't be thankful it is here as well... Thank you DAISO JAPAN for coming here in the Philippines and making it more accessible for us kawaii girls to live our kawaii lifestyle! 

March 10, 2014 ~ This month is KAWAII FASHION FESTIVAL Month in DAISO JAPAN! Check out these AUTHENTIC SANRIO Kawaii items all just PHP 88! Oh shop 'til you drop with these kawaii overload!
Being a Kawaii Culture Enthusiast in the Philippines even way back it was as popular nowadays (I started appreciating Kawaii and Japanese Street Fashion in 2000 when I was still a fashion design student in college) it was so hard to find any kawaii items easily available in the market... I had to resort to the local toy stores just to look for quirky accessories and I even go to pre-teens/kids clothing sections to even find any trails of kawaii fashion pieces. So, just having DAISO as a ONE-STOP-SHOP for kawaii items is just a dream come true for me.

DAISO JAPAN Philippines is the ONE-STOP-SHOP for Kawaii-fied Lifestyle Needs!

I got so excited to see the authentic DAISO in Japan items were also available here in the Philippines... Like these  Kawaii Fashion Dolls I found in Harajuku in 2011...

I took this photo in DAISO Harajuku in Tokyo back in October 2011. I was just fascinated by their quirky cuteness and they're just so affordable! As a fashion designer, I could only think about how useful these dolls are to my fashion design ideas! I could only wish these were available in Manila as well...
March 7, 2013 ~ DAISO JAPAN Robinson's Galleria! I'm just always fascinated I see these same fashion dolls I adore in DAISO Harajuku here at the local DAISO stores! It brings me back nice memories of my trips in Japan!
Somehow, whenever I shop in DAISO JAPAN, it feels like I'm in Japan. So whenever I meet someone who's interested to visit Japan, I always jokingly recommend to stop by DAISO to have a preview of how Japan Shopping feels like! Haha! 

Moreso, I'm just happy to share the kawaii news that DAISO JAPAN is having a Kawaii Fashion Festival launching new Kawaii DAISO products for the different kawaii girls, ladies and kids! I'm just glad that Kawaii items now are more accessible to the Philippine Market now that I look back in the days that  anything-kawaii was very-hard-to-find. Young Kawaii girls don't need to resort to second-grade-imitation products or empty their pockets with very expensive kawaii good from Japan. DAISO is the best place where Kawaii girls can get the best of affordable authentic products! It is indeed a celebration! 

Take a peek at the Kawaii Overload items available at all DAISO JAPAN Stores Nationwide!

Super Quirky and Colorful iPhone 5 Cases to make your iPhone as kawaii as you are!
Kawaii Trinkets of Japanese Food Erasers
I've personally use these False Eye-Lashes! They're super good buy especially perfect for kawaii looks!
Perfect Fashion Piece to KAWAII-FY any look are these super quirky cute socks!! One of my favorite items in DAISO!
Dainty Girly Bags! I just love these vintage-floral-printed bags!
Super adorable Kawaii Plush Backpacks!! These just makes me so URESHI!

All I can wish for is all those closeted Kawaii Girls and out and proud Kawaii Girls out there who didn't know about the kawaii haven in DAISO JAPAN could come check it out. What's more awesome is that it's accessible nationwide... It's not only available in Metro Manila but also nationwide!

Ureshi to get my kawaii-retail therapy! 

DAISO JAPAN Philippines
Twitter: @DaisoJapanPH
Instagram: @DaisoPhilippines
Branches Nationwide: 
Robinsons Galleria
Robinsons Place Manila 
Robinsons Metro East
Robinsons Magnolia
Pavillion Mall
Robinsons Place Calasiao
The District Mall Imus
Robinsons Place Malabon
Robinsons Place Palawan
Robinsons Place Bacolod
EMA Town Center Meycauayan
Robinsons Centrio 
Robinsons Place CDO
Robinsons Place Iloilo
Ayala Center Cebu 
Robinsons Place Malolos
Robinsons Place Butuan
Ayala Abreeza Mall Davao
Robinsons Place Tacloban
Robinsons Place Roxas
Robinsons Place Isabela
Glorietta 3 (Soon to open)


  1. Oh so many daiso already in philippines, i didn't know that. Your shoppaholic will come back down there haha

    1. Yeah I always go to DAISO whenever I miss our trips in Japan :-)

  2. I actually end up spending more than I intend to when I go to Daiso because I keep buying cute things I don't really need but want :)))

    1. I think the Japanese are good with those "shopping hypnosis" haha

  3. Hi is the branch in festival mall alabang is still open? Thanks

  4. I wish more and more Daiso stores will open all over PH. The store's really a savior when it comes to affordable products with quality, unlike what most stores sell. Their products are also super cute! かわいい!❤ありがとございました ダイソ!❤❤


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