Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DAISO Japan Part 1: The Ultimate Omiyage Store and Super Kawaii Finds Shop! (... And my Daiso Shopping Adventures in JPN!)

I must confess. I have been hoarding DAISO everytime I visit Japan. It has been my default place to look around, find nice omiyage for friends back home and just simply get the most practical and kawaii useful things I immediately need for my short trips in Japan.

October 2011 ~ DAISO Harajuku almost 3 years ago, I can stay the whole day lurking around this store!
It has been a part of my regular shopping adventures in my trips to Japan to go to DAISO just because of the great finds I discover every time and unbelievably more so they're just ¥105?! It's true, no one would think DAISO products are just ¥105 with the great and kawaii quality they have ! I must say that the Japanese has really mastered the fun of shopping (Japan is such a fun place to shop at in general!) through DAISO. It is indeed the perfect omiyage souvenir and go-to shopping place in Japan! DAISO always brings me back fun shopping time Japan trip adventures memories because it has been part of my trip! Oh I miss Japan!

DAISO Sannomiya, Kobe, Hyogo
August 2011
August 2011 ~ DAISO Sannomiya ~ Awesome adventure to figure out how to go to Sannomiya, Kobe all by myself! Daiso Sannomiya is my favorite branch!
August 2011 ~ Memento of my shopping adventures in DAISO Sannomiya! It was my first time to wander around Kobe! I had my kareshi's map notes so I won't get lost in Kobe! Haha!

DAISO Harajuku, Shibuya, Tokyo
October 2011
October 2011 ~ DAISO Harajuku, Tokyo: Fun Shopping Experience! I believe this is one of the most visited DAISO Store in Japan being located in the heart of Harajuku!
October 2011 ~ DAISO Harajuku, Tokyo ~ These fashion dolls are my favorite kawaii finds in DAISO! Perfect Omiyage for kawaii girls!
October 2011 ~ DAISO Harajuku, Tokyo ~ I just love that I can hoard Japanese Candies from DAISO! I love Japanese Candies! They're not to sweet and always tastes really fruity!

My travels in Japan isn't complete without DAISO! I always end up having a special page in my travel mementos written about it! Haha!

October 18, 2011 ~ Memento of my shopping adventures in DAISO Harajuku in Tokyo!

October 18, 2011 ~ Me and Kareshi having fun at DAISO! It's one of our favorite things to do when we are together in Japan!

DAISO Diver City, Odaiba, Tokyo
May 2013
May 2013 ~ DAISO Diver City, Odaiba! It's always a fun new experience with every DAISO Store because of the new Kawaii finds I discover in every store! I'm always enticed by the cutest product wrapper designs and the super kawaii characters!
May 2013 ~ DAISO Diver City, Odaiba ~ Not only these hangers are the quirkiest I've seen but they're so useful as well!

DAISO Harajuku, Shibuya, Tokyo
January 2014
January 1, 2014 ~ DAISO HARAJUKU: Cute #cathkidston-ish #daiso planner! Adorbs!

DAISO Diver City, Odaiba, Tokyo
January 2014
January 2, 2014 ~ DAISO ODAIBA: Valentines Day already!?? Haha!

To be honest, I didn't wanna share this store to anyone hehe *sneaky* because everyone will know "My-secret-place-where-I-get-the-coolest-and-super-kawaii-omiyage-in-Japan" But apparently, it was a well known go-to place in Japan for gift finds and lifestyle shop. It's often recommended by travel guides and publications!

HARAJUKU PRESS recommends Daiso Harajuku for souvenir shopping in Tokyo!

Well, I totally agree with this article.... It is indeed "Great to have this kinda thing: those things can be bought for 100 Yen."  Isn't it amazing that for only 100 Yen there can be a lot wonderful affordable quality items? It's like a better version of a One Dollar Store right?1

What I love about DAISO the most is how it offers me a Japanized lifestyle and a little piece of Japan for me to share with my friends back home in Manila. From the traditional tea-cups to the quirkiest and super kawaii trinkets... I feel that I can bring  the precious memories of my Japan adventures with me anywhere I go. 

Can it get any better? Yes!

It can get better because I can actually go to DAISO here in the Philippines! So not only I can bring few souvenirs to my friends here in Manila... I can actually go to a Daiso-Japanize - Shopping -Escapade here in the Philippines! Isn't that amazing? I can only be thankful that Japan seems getting closer to the Philippines because of stores like DAISO! Know more about it on the SECOND PART of my DAISO Feature


  1. Hello! Happy to read from you,been missing your blog :)
    I love Daiso, we were in Japan recently and Daiso was the savior for my randomness shopping urge.. :D Cheap and cute :)
    I wish we had it in Finland too :)

    Lara Lizard

    1. Hi Lara! Thanks for your comment! I've missed my blog too! Thank you for still checking out my blog! When were you in Japan! I was in Japan last New Year vacation! Yeah I agree with DAISO being a savior go-to place! Haha!

  2. Yea, you are the biggest daiso fan i have ever seen and amazing to find something nice there. You will be a queen of daiso.

  3. You can be Daiso tour guide for everyone. You know what to get there.


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