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DAISO x Kawaii SANRIO Facemask: That FACEMASK Fashion and Function

Kawaii Fashion x Function!
SUPER KAWAII RECOMMENDED ITEM: DAISO x SANRIO Dispossable Kawaii Facemasks available at DAISO JAPAN!
Exactly one month ago, I got hospitalized due to the erratic weather and erratic work stress... I was a wreck. Unfortunately I was under observation with Pneumonia. *HARD* I had to nebulize daily and keep myself sanitized. 

Febrary 2014 ~ Erractic weather changes and stress always causing illnesses to me! Huhu!

As a mom, I had to be careful not to pass on my illness to my son and to my colleagues at the office that I resorted to using surgical facemasks that's so UNFASHIONABLE! Forgive my vanity, but wearing those sad surgical facemasks are like a dead-giveaway of an illness that totally breaks any person's good impression. I remember I kept bugging my Kareshi asking about if there are any fashionable and prettier styles of surgical facemasks in Japan... I was pretty bothered wearing that intimidating surgical mask that breaks my fashion! Haha!

I feel sad wearing these intimidating surgical masks... No offense meant but it's just a dead-give-away that I'm sick and it even make me look sicker than I am and it's too big for my face it can almost cover my whole face!

Whenever I see surgical masks, it reminds me of Japan. TRIVIAL FACT: Wearing surgical masks/facemask is a very common in Japan. It almost borderline as common as bringing a handerchief (in my observation). Wearing facemasks in Japan doesn't necessarily mean you are sick with cough or colds but  can also be worn for modesty, when/if you don't have make-up on or when you have a zit and of course to be more sanitary if ever you have common colds... 

October 2011 ~ Shibuya, Tokyo It was my boyfriend ("My kareshi") whom I started to notice always wearing facemasks ever so often in Tokyo... Then I started noticing alot wore them regularly.
October 2011 ~ Harajuku, Tokyo Even I wore facemasks in Japan, because of the cold dried air is giving me a sore throat. 

January 2, 2014 ~ From our last trip to Tokyo riding on a train in Funabashi, Chiba... We randomly take photos like that and don't realize how often my BF wear facemasks haha!

I suppose, it being widely used, it's just fascinating to see high-fashion and street-fashion celebrities in Japan wear their facemask in such a creative way!

From the Instagram of Juria Nakagawa , a Harajuku Fashion Icon 1) avantgardeに #devilish の小顔に見えるマスクが大量入荷 2) #devilish @mam_avantgarde
February 2013 Issue ~ Harajuku Fashion Icon, Hirari Ikeda posing for the famous street snap magazine FRUiTS Magazine with a very graphic facemask fashion.

Even my favorite Haute Couture Tokyo-based fashion icon, editor, stylist and (I'm proud to say) my friend, Misha Janette sported facemask fashion and of course it's still fashionably kawaii!
From Misha Janette's Instagram ~ TAKE CARE EVERYONE, don't get me sick plz, tx 風邪が流行ってるから、今日はマスク持参のファッションで。イケてないw

Isn't it so interesting that even Haute Couture Fashion Labels also has their own fashion interpretation of a facemask? 

Aura Tout Vu Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 making facemask fashion high fashion!
From Misha Janette's Instagram ~ Caught a cold. In Japan we fight colds with masks. Not that this would help. But it's an excuse to wear one. 精一杯がんばったのに、風邪が流行ってるこの世は逃げようがない。ま、いいことに本格的なフェイスマスクファッションの出番がきた!w こんなの、どう

FACE MASK FASHION IN THE PH? How to Wear it? Just wear it!
Well, so much with those highfalutin fashion references... ME personally, I think face-mask fashion should be adapted here in Manila, especially with everyone's daily commute and how fast an illness can spread and become an outbreak... 

More so, I've noticed and observed working in a fashion office, face-mask is one of the must have office gears we need. You might think it's a strange necessity but it is true.

March 13, 2014 ~ I've started noticing everyone in our office wearing facemask and I realized facemask is an essential piece when working with fabrics and threads, useful to avoid inhaling fabric fibers and threads haha! But since everyone in our office are creative peeps everyone has their unique style wearing them. Fun to play with fashion and function isn't it?#tiarabytracydizon #hellokitty #headpiece #daisoph
March 13, 2014 #ootd #hellokitty look for today wearing#tiarabytracydizon Red Kitty-chan headpiece to match my @daisophilippines Hello Kitty Facemask (a must have for fashion-offices) #daiso #daisoph #sanrio#kawaii

I find it especially useful shielding and dealing with fabric fibers and chemicals from fabrics. These may seem to be mundane things but trust me, if you work in a fashion house it would be a great necessity.   

My ever-so-hard-working-officemates at the Product Development Department rockin their own Custom Facemasks! (Thanks JM for agreeing to be a part of my blog haha)
Even where I work at now, I'm always fascinated seeing my creative colleagues from the Product Development Department always sporting their very own creative Facemask Fashion! They even have their own custom-made facemasks to fit their personalities! 

DAISO x SANRIO Dispossable Kawaii Facemasks

But it doesn't have to custom-made just to have a nice facemask! I'm super ecstatic seeing there were super cute printed facemasks available in DAISO Japan! AND I have a list why they are so awesome for every kawaii girl~

March 10, 2014 ~ One of my favorite finds in DAISO JAPAN are these super kawaii Sanrio Facemasks!! 
Unlike those plain boring surgical masks available in the local drugstores, these  DAISO x SANRIO Dispossable Kawaii Facemasks are more petite in cut more fitting with smaller cute faces, like us kawaii girls rather than those huge surgical masks that almost cover my whole face!

Needless to say that I'm a Sanrio Freak! One of my pet peeves are those second-grade-imitation Sanrio Products, I am so happy that Sanrio collaborated with DAISO Japan to produce more affordable Sanrio items. Now, Sanrio trinkets are more accessible to the kids, teens and young at hearts and don't need to resort to cheap-imitation-knock-offs. Why bother when you can afford SANRIO and it's easily available in DAISO Japan, right?

These facemasks are definitely certified KAWAII just because.... It's SANRIO! Do I need to explain more? Any Hello Kitty item makes any outfit cute!

Going back to my short story at the start of this blog, I was telling about my quest to find a cuter/prettier design facemask that doesn't giveaway you're sick. Even if the Philippines is far long from sporting a Facemask Fashion, facemasks can still be useful and functional. Those surgical masks are  like a dead-giveaway of an illness that totally breaks any person's good impression and I think it's more uplifting seeing a pretty mask despite your sickness rather than "wearing the sick #ootd" right?

From the fascination of commonly wearing facemasks in Japan to becoming a key fashion item in the Tokyo Streets and even up to the Haute Couture facemasks, it is beyond interesting and fascinating how a fashion accessory is interpreted in different cultures and society. I can only wish the Filipina Kawaii Girls can explore these KAWAII-fied items. Personally, I don't think I can live without wearing cute items, I would feel sad. Haha. (I think I'm sounds like Legally Blonde's Elle Woods! Haha!) That's why as a long-veteran-practitioner of Kawaii Culture and a fashion designer here in the Philippines I can only wish to give some kawaii-tips-to-the-kawaii-peeps-out-here-to-KAWAII-fying-our-lives! With some of the knowledge I've learned from my travels to Japan, meeting Japanese fashion friends, and from my professional experiences spreading the kawaii fashion here locally and penetrating the Tokyo market as well... I just am happy to share some bits of information I've learned here and there. Let's spread the Kawaii Culture in the Philippines come on!

SUPER KAWAII RECOMMENDED ITEM: DAISO x SANRIO Dispossable Kawaii Facemasks available at DAISO JAPAN!

Please check out DAISO Japan for these Sanrio items~ the Sanrio Facemasks has variety of designs to choose from! Daiso Japan is all over the Philippines so please check the list below to find out where's the branch nearest you! 

DAISO JAPAN Philippines
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  1. so cute <3 yep in japan they wear it so creatively nga! I wish I can wear a facemask when I'm too lazy to fix my face but it will actually draw more attention instead of remaining low key here in the Phils.

    I love Saizen/Daiso <3 cute stuff for less :)

    1. I actually met up some Nihon-jin gurl-friends who actually wear the facemask to cover their haggard workmode faces haha! My BF has grown a habit of wearing it constantly that sometimes I've forgotten how he looks like haha!

      Whenever I wear the facemask here, people think I have some fatal disease! At least now, with the cute print, some just think I just wear it for fashion purposes. hehe.

  2. Of course you have to make the mask fashionable. Tokyo has bad dirty air I guess because I often have sore throat and that's why I have a mask on so often. You fit your hello kitty mask anyway haha

  3. OMG! So lucky to drop by your blog, been looking for super cute surgical mask too! Sis, may washable kayang surgical mask? How much pala nabili mo? Soon to open at Glorietta 3?! Aabangan ko talaga to haha :))

  4. Daiso is my favorite dollarstore: )

  5. I liked your mask with hello kitty design actually, It was so cute when you wore it.


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