Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tracy's Dear Diary: Welcome Back Blog! Yes, this blog is still ALIVE!

Oh-Em-Gee. It has been AGES! I missed you so much my dearest happy place! I have been swamped with work! It's been ages that I have opened my laptop and I have been chasing time running to the office, going home, catching up with mommy duties here and there. Boring-boring, cliche lines, I know I'm sorry. Excuses, excuses!

Okay. Let me just catch a breath and have a Cliffnotes Summary what I've been to... First Major I've been upto is I'm doing a secret project that I have been enjoying and painstakingly has been consuming me... But I cannot disclose it yet because I will be in a lot of trouble haha! But For sure once it's out you'll be hearing it again and again from me! just to tease, I wanna "show-off" our super nice office work-room space! Oh I am just so lucky to have this kind of job!

March 6, 2014 ~ I love working here while watching TV. Hehe.

It was so busy that I got hospitalized when I got so sick with Influenza and Pneumonia... After 8 (healthy?) years I was hospitalized. Oh boy was is so hard when I had to bring myself (good thing Atreyu was with me!) to the Emergency Room when feeling so sick. Luckily, I recovered after some much needed rest. How about hospital for Valentine's Day? How miserable! Haha! Oh but I was so happy to be in the hospital then! I thought I was gonna puke my lungs off. Glad that episode is over.

February 17, 2014 ~ IV keeping me alive.
February 18, 2014 ~ One thing I like with hospitals are the hospital bracelets wish I got pink though. Hehe.

I've missed out alot and backlogged a lot, I feel bad 'coz this blog is my life memoir, I like documenting things I've been up to. It's fun especially when I get to look back at my own history. I promise to catch up on a lot of things... My trips to Japan that always make me smile! 

January 3, 2014 ~ Hello @mam_avantgarde @kazuhiroman and @m_o_m_o_e nice to see you again!!! Love you guys! Hehehehe see you again tomorrow!!!

Oh I miss these fun friends Kazuhiroman and Momo! My AvantGarde Family! AND EVERYONE IN TOKYO! Oh I should really catch up... And I wish I have the power to freeze time so I can do so!

The Tiara by Tracy Dizon Tea Party Girls!
Photo by: Mae L. Ngo
Of course who could forget the TTDTeaparty?! Oh yes, that's a whole lot of PHOTOSPAM to overload! I love the girls here!

April. Promise... I will catch up on my happy place. For now, just a short hello, I am barely alive, but very thankful for all the things I get to do and for being alive. Please keep reading, this blog is still ALIVE! 

See you soon! I will try to post some few stuff to warm up my writing skills again. Hehe.


  1. Yes you have to blog about your tea party. Don't miss that. Also notify kazuhiroman and momo when you write about your trip there!

    1. Yeah definitely! I miss everyone in Tokyo! I should make a nice memento blog of our last vacation!


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