Saturday, April 25, 2015

Forget me not (โฆษณาไทยประกันชีวิต)

I saw this video in my newsfeed, I can't remember who posted it in my newsfeed but it was truly touching. How sweet it is to grow old and be taken care of the person who loves you the most. Wish someday I can also find this kind of love, a love that will unconditionally give. 

To live a full life side by side with you soulmate, I think that's the best life to live. Money? Job? Career? Fame? Doesn't matter when you're old and sick.

In the past few nights, I have been watching this kind of videos, to make me remember what love is all about. I've lost myself in the past few years. I lost my faith in good deeds and love. Watching this may be a fictional make-believe, but I would like to hope and find love that will last (well, it's okay if not forever as long as I would be loved) for the rest of my life or my other half.

Few years has passed, so many people, friends, clients and everybody else has moved, changed and started new lives. But here I am still, waiting for nothing apparently. Faith was so mean and cruel to me... Life requires me so much things to do, responsibilities and sacrifices... In the end I was used up, time passed and hopes and dreams crushed.

How I wish I can live life where I don't have to be used up and serve so much just for love. A broken life... But still life goes on.