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Tiara by Tracy Dizon's BurgerQueens on ViVi Magazine Japan (November 2014)

ViVi Magazine Japan November 2014 Issue

Isn't it surreal or what? I learned about my ViVi Magazine feature for November 2014 when I was in Tokyo last Winter 2014/2015 on my Christmas Break with Taka and Atreyu... I think Mam AvantGarde tagged me when it was published way back in October 2014 but may be I overlooked. I'm so glad I was able to catch up this ViVi November 2014 Issue!

Tiara by Tracy Dizon BurgerQueen Collection at ViVi Magazine Japan Novemer 2014 Issue!
November 2014 Issue
ViVi Magazine Japan
January 2, 2015 ~ ViVi Magazine November 2014 featured#tiarabytracydizon c/o @mam_avantgarde I can't believe my work is featured in this super popular Japanese Fashion Magazine!! #Vivi #tokyofashion#burgerfashion #fastfood
So many amazing features I've had last 2014 that I'm so thankful about!! @vivi_mag_official

P.S. I'm so psyched I was able to use my Snapee ViVi Stickers for Something!! WOOT!! I'm on ViVi!!! Haha! 
I couldn't be anymore thankful for my Mam AvantGarde FamBam for these awesome cool features! It's beyond my dream as a designer to be in cool popular Japanese Fashion Magazines like ViVi!! Thanks Kazuhiroman and the Mam Avant Garde FamBam!!

January 4, 2015 ~ Thank you for lovely dinner! @m_o_m_o_e = "Great Chef!" Haha! @atreyudizon is so happy he has new "famous friends!" Haha! Thank you! — with Kanaya Momo, Travis Atreyu Dizon and Watanabe Kazhiro at Design Festa Cafe & Bar.
January 3, 2014 ~ My "BurgerQueen" Collection at the old Mam AvantGarde at the heart of Harajuku! It's so nostalgic to see old photos of this! Mam Avant Garde is now sold by Kazuhiroman but we still keep in touch and meet up whenever I'm in Tokyo!

Tiara by Tracy Dizon's 
BurgerQueens A/W 2014!
Super proud of this collection!
Big Burger & Fries Combo!
"Fast food fashion are so deliciously fab and fierce! Grab a bite!"

Mini Burger & Fries Combo!"Fast food fashion are so deliciously fab and fierce! Grab a bite!"

Despite posting this several ages delayed, I'm still amazed the magic of these "BurgerQueen" babies of mine! I just got back from my last Tokyo Trip this month and it's so inspiring and motivating to still receive a lot of praises with this collection!

June 28, 2015 ~ Burger Fashion still going strong in Tokyo! Oh boy was I like a local celebrity with this #OOTD! Haha! 
I'm so excited to expand my Burger Queen Collection to a whole "Mc Tracy Diner Collection"! Haha! It has been a slow phase and hard recovery after the bad 2014, my mom suddenly dying and Taka's cancer. But I'm trying my best to get back on track and on the road to recovery...

August 3, 2015 ~ WOOT!! Newly cooked #fastfood #fastfoodfashion for #tiarabytracydizon!! My favorite part are those Sinamay made French Fries!! I'm so proud to innovate Filipino Materials to something pop and fun!! #hotdog #hat #kawaiifashion #kawaii #frenchfries #fascinator
August 8, 2014 ~ Developing new design for #tiarabytracydizon #pizza #bow #ribbon #frenchfries #fries#fastfood #fastfoodfashion
July 22, 2015 ~ I'm so excited for this!! More #foodfashion #foodcouture from #tiarabytracydizon!! #pizza!!!

Designing and doing creative things is helping me recover, at least I can get a sense of control and therapy  over exploring creativity. Please keep the Fast Food Fashion lovin comin! Keep me motivated!

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  1. Now someone may steal this idea... I really expected this fast food collection to be nice and famous.


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