Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tracy's Dear Diary: Process of Recovery

Dear Diary, (and Readers--  if ever I still have readers)

I am in a process right now of recovery. This very "commercial" blog I've had for several years may seem like a weird emotional cryptic blab. Forgive me. I am in the process of purging and rediscovering everything. I still don't know any life routines to follow, I can still rock my career with so much passion but I could not see myself anywhere anymore for the next five to ten years. 

Please let me find myself but don't hate me for not being the Tracy that you used to know. Please hold my hand when I come crashing again, if you care enough to do so. Few things I've discovered so far:

1) You can find good people in bad situations.
2) Sometimes you'll never know how bad you're in a situation until you stepped out of it.
3) I am not a wise person, I'm not trying to. I just recently learned I'm in the "experienced" category. WTF
4) I am tired of over analysing and strategizing. I just don't want to think anymore. 
5) If I don't start dating, I will never stop crying from that pain from that break-up. This is not the ideal way to get over someone but between sulking in depression or serial dating... Yeah I think I'll date.
6) There are so much to learn. Defying yourself will test your life principles and beliefs. 
7) Painting gives me inner peace. But sure hell hard to clean after.

That's all for now.