Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cold Turkey

Just feeling a little low... 
My Pixie dusts dying glow
Impeding my feelings is suffocating my breath.
Displaced passion is greatness unmet.
Restraining myself darkly dims my shine.
Wish I can shake it off and I'd be just fine. 
I crave for you like a bad addiction. 
Why must we stop our undeniable connection?
You make me write the sweetest words
You make me paint the best memories I've known.
You bring me the most overwhelming feelings bursting with no regrets
I'd jump seas for you in a bet 
Our is a connection of unexpected perfect bliss 
Why can't we just burn and take the risk!
You make smile the best smiles I've placed
How can perfection as ours can be replaced?
Greedy over intense blissful emotions
You know we both want more than just a fleeting sensation. 
I feel slowly deflating as I feel you pulling away.
Why can't we just keep us and stay? 
Everything ends as you said
Can't we just have more time extend?
And these words I've already said...
But I'm in this cold turkey until I let it end...

- March 21, 2016 15:36, The time you just dropped me

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