Monday, July 04, 2016

Indifferent Apologies

You have apologized to me
Several million times
Although I wonder why
It doesn't feel right

I never felt you meant it well
I never felt anything from you at all

But here I am continuing to fall
In a deep hole you left me from
Why must it be me?

Who should I take all defeats?
Why must you all run away in a fleet?
Why must I be left behind?
Why must I endure this lonesome plight?

Ask me not but answer me

Tuck my hair behind my ear
Tell me smart things I want to hear
Don't shout and boss me around
Don't cage I can't be bound
I'm sorry I am afraid
To say no and refuse your trade
I falter and get so weak
I'm lonesome in my lowest peak
I grasp air in a sinking ship
Hold my hand let's take a trip
Don't come near me you vicious beast
My weakness is not your feast
I'm not gonna harm you that I'm sure
I just want your comfort a fleeting cure

This I wrote for y'all
I'm too afraid to make my calls
Please don't ask me what I can't say
But please answer me if I may?

~July 3, 2016, Ask me not but answer me

I am literally addressing several people in this. Because I'm too scared to face you all. Waouh, Tracy = scared? That's new!