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Tracy's First Hanoi Adventures ( Winter 2016)

March 26 - 30, 2016
Tracy in Hoàn Kiếm

Tracy in Hanoi 2016 Series (Winter Part 1)March 28, 2016 ~ I wanted to take a selfie by this very "Chung King Express"-feels eatery before I cross the street... Nothing I'm so bad at selfie sticks hahahahaha!
Hey!!! Enough of those weird cryptic drama of my life. Pardonne Moi! Hello, I'm back!! It's time to start anew and tell the world of my new adventures! Enough of that break-up drama and brooding over my life. But hey, bite me! I needed to mourn for that entirely but here I am now with a new beginning! Yehey!

Where I found serenity and solitude without even knowing how! Thank you, Vietnam!
I've mentioned before about visiting Hanoi few months ago that kinda gave me a new vibes and new chapter in my colorful life as it is. I did come to Hanoi before in an impulse but I ended up discovering something that I've been missing out for a while! A new adventure!

March 26, 2016 ~ NAIA Terminal 3 
My first solo trip, no plans and totally a bipolar moment to want to get out of Manila heat. I met some special people and an entire new creative inspiration and force! 

It was hard to take solo pics alone though, noh? 

March 27, 2016 ~ my first morning in Hanoi! No sleep and no hotel room! Ha! But I'm still gorgeous though! LOL! Sige Lang Tracy, purihin ang sarili!

#OutfitsOfTracyDizon in Hanoi!

Oh you have no idea how hard I tried to pull-off my #OOTD's I may not be in a Fashion Capital of the World but you cannot make me not-fashionable-ever! Haha!

March 27, 2016 ~ with barely no sleep I still went out not to waste my day around Hanoi with my ever so touristy #OOTD #outfitsoftracydizon haha! I am not a backpacker at all. LOL.
March 28, 2016 ~ what I miss the most going on a solo trip is not being about to take decent #OOTD#outfitsoftracydizon haha! I feel so proud to attempt to blend in in Hanoi with my scarf. LOL.
March 29, 2016 ~ feeling all dressy to walk around the Old Quarter with a dress only to realize it was too cold for my very thin dress! I ended up getting some pants at the nearest boutique! Haha! 
March 29, 2016 ~ my "Tita Look" omg deadma na when I'm feeling very very cold! Hahaha!

My Quest to Find the Fabric Market in Hanoi

But I enjoyed having my alone time FABRIC SOURCING and SHOPPING! WHAHA! Actually every time I am in a new country, (I've done it in Tokyo and NYC as well) I am always up to look for the interesting Fabric Stores the city has to offer. I guess that's how being a fashion designer is innate in my personal goals. 

March 29, 2016 ~  here I am reminiscing my Hanoi Trip regretting so much that I didn't purchase these fabrics!!! I need that black fabric, that green with big prints, whaaaaaa!!!! I need you all!!!
March 29, 2016 ~ just addicting to look at them ^ ^ had to go back one last time before I leave!
March 29, 2016 ~ here I am reminiscing my Hanoi Trip regretting so much that I didn't purchase these fabrics!!!
I'm the annoying tourist taking #selfie in the middle of the crowded fabric market! Haha! Bakit ba! And I love these silk beside me I wanna bring them all home!!!

I wasn't like in this "Eat, Pray, Love" Cliche-Self Searching-Mode, I'm not a backpacker nor I don't think I will ever be... but instead I enjoyed making my own imaginary stories seeing a new environment. 

March 28, 2016 ~ I saw this temple/shrine on my way back from Dong Xuan Market, although I don't know what's it called. Hence, "Hanoi, Vietnam" is the safest label for this haha! It was so fun to find these spots for ocular though...

Most Inspired Raw Streets of Hanoi
Imagining I'm in some IndoChinese version of a Wong Kar-Wai Film. Always walking with a smile and ray of sunshine started my days right. It's not the touristy places that I appreciate the most but the most mundane daily things I've pass by wandering around the Old Quarter...

March 27, 2016 ~ mesmerized by everything colorful! (That I couldn't decide which ones to get... Ended up not getting anything at all! LOL)

March 29, 2016 ~ always a lovely sight passing by some fresh flower vendors on the street. This was the corner of Hàng Be and Hàng Mam... I think. Feels like Baguio!
March 29, 2016 ~ Spotted: Manekineko always brings me good luck!
March 29, 2016 ~ taking touristy pics of those "Cyclos" that I didn't know what's it called then. Hehe. Ooops... this is not Hang Bac... This is Hang Be Street.
I love this Coffeeshop Lifestyle in Hanoi!

Those Uniquely Vietnam Propaganda
I love these!

#MissHanoi Fashion Collection!
This first trip actually gave birth to my new up and coming collection that came so dearly and personal in my heart. I couldn't be any more grateful to Hanoi for this.

How about some fabrics for dinner?
I guess creative mind comes with a peaceful disposition that I guess I found in my short time of solitude in Hanoi. No Manila Traffic. No Philandering Father to think about. No Stressful bills to deal with. I always resented being left behind in Manila and all the more I feel stagnated by the day. I literally kept telling myself, how I wish I have this peaceful disposition I had in Hanoi. I was in a solo trip indeed, but I did not feel lonely and that is precious. I miss Hanoi's cool weather (well I rather be anywhere else in the world rather than burning here in Manila) 

Nice to meet you, Abby! 
One of the best takeaway I can get from a trip is meeting a friend. Indeed, Abby has become not only my hotel receptionist, but my Vietnamese BFF! You will see more of our adventures in the next coming stories of my life in Hanoi for sure! I love you, babe! I am very grateful for the friendship.
You'll always have a special place in my heart, Ms. Abby! I miss our morning girl talks over breakfast and Vietnamese tea! Finding and connecting to new friends is the most priceless treasure to find in every trip!

March 28, 2016 ~ mornings were always awesome by the hotel because I found a lovely friend. Girl talks for breakfast for the win! Haha!
A start of a great friendship,
I met Abby for the first time
last Winter in Hanoi

Catching up with C! 
.... From Manila to Palawan... and now Hanoi! 

On my last day right before my flight, it was truly awesome to meet my good friend Clement in Hanoi! It was so surreal! I met C in Manila with another friend and it was instant friendship! I now have a very soft spot for French peeps because of my new friends! It's always priceless to find these kinds of friends where you feel like you've known them for a long time! 

March 29, 2016 ~ saw this photo in my iPhone. We so cute here, C! We can truly pass to be a cute couple. Hahaha! (I can be a decoy GF hahaha)
March 29, 2016 ~ these funny photos I don't even remember them at all! It must be my broken selfie stick taking pics haha!


More Hanoi Adventures Coming!
I initially thought I would fly to Hanoi to see someone but the most awesome thing was I did not need to see that someone afterall! Yet I still had the time of my life!I did hope to meet someone in particular but I ended up meeting new friends and an old friend as well. 

March 29, 2016 ~ It was my first ever solo trip... I had no major epic travel plans but just get inspiration and get some fabrics for designs... But just when I had "no expectations" it surprised me with a so much adventure and rediscovering myself. The best epic life saver is "Always wear a lovely smile." Ha! You'll see more of me whether you like it or not!
I love it when I enter unknown things and I come out of it with so much unexpected experience! Haha! Technically I was in Hanoi, March 27th - March 29th but I had the weirdest flight schedule!


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